We are One Voice Anthem, a Christian band originating in Albany, NY. After years of serving as worship leaders for thousands of believers at our churches, we all discussed the desire to lead Christians everywhere in worship by writing original music and putting our own passion, gratitude, and praise into song.

Following the example of great worshipers past and present, we seek to bring a thoughtful and powerful message through each song we write, with Scripture being the core inspiration and the freeing truth in every line.

The name One Voice Anthem was chosen because of a vision seen during the first writing session; one person singing praises to God while seemingly standing alone until the viewpoint expands and millions of people around the world are seen singing the same song to the same Savior along with the one. With this idea of a united, global anthem, we are excited to bring Christians from every place and background together to praise the one and only Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, with one voice.